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Jhoanna Alba fashion maven


 Jhoanna Alba headshot

Jhoanna Alba, founder and chief designer of ALBA, brings over 20 years of fashion expertise to creating signature looks for an elite clientele. Her designs interweave bold, colorful custom fabrics that showcase each client's unique personality and style.

With a gift for understanding a client's essence, Jhoanna has tailored custom clothing for renowned sports figures including Magic Johnson, as well as top entertainment and business professionals.


Known for an impeccable eye for fit and quality construction, Jhoanna's bespoke suits and personal wear enable today's stars to make their iconic fashion statements.

Jill Evans headshot

Jill Evans brings over 18 years of fashion industry experience to her role, drawing inspiration from travel, local natural beauty, and spending time with family.


She started on the production side of the business, learning the intricacies of garment construction. This foundation led Jill to excel later in sales and design roles, always emphasizing open communication to land on the perfect fit.


Jill's thoughtful approach has earned over a decade of loyalty from celebrity clients. Her custom pieces balance the client's vision with her own designer integrity. When away from the studio, Jill enjoys camping, hiking, and relaxing with movies alongside her loved ones.

Mackenzie Raynor headshot

Mackenzie Raynor's passion for fashion took root early on with a beloved pair of red velvet heels she refused to take off, even to sleep. As a high schooler experimenting with blazers, skirts and heels amidst a sea of sweats and sneakers, her stand-out style was voted "Best Dressed." 


After studying fashion marketing in Portland, Mackenzie’s dedication quickly made her an invaluable asset, helping style high-profile clients like Magic Johnson within her first year.

Now, just five years later, Mackenzie’s one-of-a-kind suit designs have graced NBA and NFL drafts alike, even catching Hollywood’s eye for television costumes. Still channeling the little girl who couldn’t bear to remove her red heels, Mackenzie finds endless inspiration in the magic of fabrics, stitching visions into reality with exacting care and creativity.

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