The Fashion Setters Gala is a first-of-its-kind evening at the exclusive Beverly Wilshire Hotel, whose focus is to raise funds in support of Los Angeles children’s educational charities by showcasing unique fashion and bringing an incredible runway experience to the general public.

Premiering fashion icon Elie Tahari and hosted by television star and world famous agent to supermodels Paul Fisher, the evening will include a fashion show featuring prominent designers like ALBA. 


An inspirational day spent with family and friends to raise awareness for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Autism affects 1:68 children and as of today, there is no cure. The primary purpose of The Wiley Center is to provide comprehensive treatment and services to children and their families diagnosed with ASD & other special needs regardless of income. 

High up in the remote Pamir Mountains of Central Asia, Kyrgyz women comb their indigenous goats to harvest the soft downy undercoat, known as cashmere. Through years of relationship building, ALBA has earned the trust of these Kyrgyzstan communities, gaining access to this highly sought after single origin cashmere fiber.

To honor this relationship, we have directly invested in their proud shepherd lifestyle by offering appropriate and sustainable wages and providing breeding and quality recognition training for their shepherds.

Contact ALBA to design a custom look with this exclusive world-class single origin cashmere. With each Kyrgyzstan cashmere purchase ALBA will donate a portion of the proceeds to a local charity.

Myles Turner and ALBA Designs Donate to Starkey Hearing Foundation

Myles Turner, Center with the Indiana Pacers, enters the next #MYLEStone in what has been an incredible journey towards his dream of playing in the NBA. The 19 year old role model, entrepreneur and budding philanthropist understands that with success comes responsibility.

"I grew up knowing that it was important to work hard to be successful on the court, but more importantly to measure my off court success by what I've done for others." Turner added, "I'm honored to work with the experienced design team at Alba Designs to create my own T-shirt collection, and to assist the Starkey Hearing Foundation, as I've seen the great work they do and am excited to be a part of it." 

Turner is laying the foundation for creating a legacy of giving back by launching the #MYLEStone T-shirt Collection. A portion of the proceeds from this limited edition run of high end designer T-shirts will provide needed resources for Starkey Hearing Foundation and can be purchased exclusively through Alba Designs. In it's initial run the #MYLEStone collection raised $2,500 and presented a check to the Starkey Hearing Foundation.